Gecko SMA-HR

High Resolution Strong Motion Accelerograph

Designed and built in Australia by the Seismology Research Centre, a seismic observatory with over 40 years experience in earthquake monitoring, the Gecko SMA-HR has been customised to specifically meet the requirements contained in the Guidelines and Implementing Rules on Earthquake Recording Instrumentation for Buildings.

The SMA-HR has an internal 12+ hour backup battery, seismic and fault alarm outputs, and Ethernet connectivity for remote data access. The accelerograph has a tiny footprint (about size of a compact disc) and can be installed in minutes. The Gecko SMA-HR cannot be beaten for value, price, and functionality.

Using force feedback acceleration sensors with noise levels of less than 1µg (much lower than the minimum 40µg noise level specified in the DPWH guidelines), the SMA-HR is sensitive enough to detect the natural period of a structure, something that even the best MEMS accelerometers (typical noise levels of 300µg) are simply unable to achieve. More than just a simple earthquake intensity display, the Gecko SMA-HR records data continuously without the need for a computer, storing data on a removable SD card in a ring buffer with over 1 year capacity.[